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The 1868 Club

The 1868 Club is the newest opportunity to support the PIKE Loyal Order. Members of the 1868 Club have chosen to honor the beginning of this great Fraternity by donating $18.68 each month for one year, or $224.16 total. The 1868 Club is an ideal way to support Pi Kappa Alpha if you are a young alumnus or an alumnus who is not accustomed to giving regularly to the Foundation but feels strongly about giving back. Funds raised through the 1868 Club are unrestricted and support causes deemed valuable by the Foundation's Board of Trustees.  Members receive a sharp 1868 Club decal that can be displayed as an expression of your support of Pi Kappa Alpha.

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Gift Information

1868 Club memberships require an annual donation of $224.16. Please select a donation amount and a frequency to reach this total. Choose your gift amount on the left and then indicate from the drop down menu on the right how often you would like your donation to occur.

Recurring donations may be stopped at any time by contacting the Foundation at PikeFoundation@pikes.org





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